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Mick Cockayne

I am a Baggie supporter of 40 years, living in Delta, British Columbia, which is near Vancouver, it's like West Bromwich to Brum. I have been living here since '82. I've seen many sides of the lads from the highs of the late sixties and seventies to the depths of the eighties and now we are back where we belong. There is an official supporters club of Canada, from Vancouver, Toronto to Montreal. Membership is at 24 and growing, always looking for new members. If you are over this way, you are more than welcome to exchange a few stories and a few brews, all you have to do is email me or call [604]590-9797- Remember you are eight hours in front of our clock!

Mark Rhodes

Come on you Baggies! I'm an Albion fan living in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada - if there are any fans living locally or planning a trip over here send me a email.

Andrew Nickerson

After nearly 30 years of supporting the Baggies from near and far I am now living in beautiful Deep Cove, Vancouver and working on a new generation of Baggie fans. We have an official branch of the Supporter's Club out here and would love to welcome new members. Anyone in the area is welcome to contact me.

Chris White

We are a family of fanatic Baggies fans - well Donald, my Dad, & I are at least; my two year old son Declan has yet to realize his inheritance. We live here in the lower mainland and would love to find any other supporters in the area. We watch almost every football event here in Vancouver. Contact us for beers and cheers!

Ed Quinn

I've been a Baggies fan since I moved to Handsworth in 1956. I emigrated to Canada in 1967, yes I missed the final in 1968 and it still hurts.

I live in Burlington, Ontario. Up the Baggies, I sure miss watching Big Jeff.

Tom Shotton

Hi, I'm a big baggies fan since 1967, I've lived in Ontario, Canada since 1982. I used to go to all home games plus a few away games like villa, blues, wolves etc. The thing I've missed the most since being in Canada other than family is the Baggies, but thanks to the Internet plus the Sportsnet TV channel I can stay up to date with everything that happens. My best mate, who is a season ticket holder, says I know more about what's going on at West Brom than he does. Anyway, very proud to watch west brom v man u live on t.v today. I thought the team did us proud and felt unlucky not to get a point, and our fans were fantastic for only being 3000 in a 67000 plus crowd - we made a lot of noise, which just proves we have the best fans in the country. Any baggies fans in Canada that would like to get in touch with please do.

Mark Sandner

I'm living in Kamloops BC. Now my family are converted to the Baggies, I can boast four fans living here. Would be great to hear from other supporters in BC. How about a celebration now we're heading for the Premiership? Let me know BOING BOING BOING. I was at the Norwich game this year, and have a tape of the Norwich game if anyone is interested, and should have one of the Rotherham game next week.

anthony rose

I was born and raised in Dudley and have been a baggies fan since I can remember. I can remember standing in line for hours trying to get a cup ticket in the sixties. Bled blue and whitethrough school (which if anyone who went to Tividale comprehensive school from 1956-1961, it became Warley grammar school, let me know). My name is Tony Rose and I remember Roger Jones, Roger Tidman, Tony Brettle, Doreen law who became Mrs. Roger Jones. Have been living in Canada since 1968 near Toronto in a place that is in Albion township and we have a hockey team The Toronto Maple Leafs which are also blue and white. Special memories of W.B.A. while growing up.

Nick Parry

I've lived in Toronto for the past 16 years. Originally from Birmingham, I have followed the Baggies forever, I went to a lot of the games in the 70's and early 80's. This past season has been a real treat as we get Sky football, even if we did get relegated. There is always next year! There aren't too many Albion fans in this neck of the woods, anyone out there give me a shout.

Peter Hodgetts

I've been a Baggies fan as long as I can remember. Originally from Chase Terrace, Staffordshire (in the seventies), moved to Lancashire for a few years then job shopping around the world with work. Finally resting in Montreal some 13 years ago. My first recollection of the baggies was in 68 when we won the FA cup over Everton. Since then the lads in blue & white stripes have been my team.

Don't get to watch them that much these last few years. However, that doesn't mean that I am any less a supporter. I have many fond memories of the team in the 70's, hoping one day we can be the same. Anyone in the area give me a shout. Come on you Baggie boys!!!!

Tony Burke

I've been a Baggie fan since I was about 10, born in Handsworth, lived in Kingstanding all my life. Attended Handsworth Tech and then worked for W & T Avery, Smethwick from '57 until they transferred me (no transfer fee) to West Africa in '64. Back to Brum in '68, Albion pools agent, frequent visitor at the Halfords Lane club. Married in '74 to a young lady from Kings Heath, I still have the telegram that we received from the Hawthorns. Back to West Africa in '74 (still with Avery's). Home to Brum in Oct '75 and emigrated to Canada in Feb '76. Lived in Mississauga until Sept 2003 when we moved to our present address here in beautiful Waterdown. If you get the urge, drop me a line or if you're in the area my phone # is 905-689-4991. I think this is going to be a great year regardless of what the pundits predict.
Oh I do love to be beside the seaside, Oh I do love to be beside the sea
Oh i do love to stroll along the prom prom prom, where the brass band plays

Go Baggies!

Derek Round

My name is Derek and I am a lone baggies fan in Calgary Canada, amazing to know there are so many fans worldwide. I used to go watch the home games at the Hawthorns in the 60's when I was a lad. My Dad (also a baggies fan) is also here in Calgary (he is the other fan in Calgary) and we watch the games whenever we can on TSN. My Grandad was also a fan of course, so it runs in the family. Anyone out there in Calgary or vicinity get yourself registered!

Martin Warner

I am a Baggies fan living in Milton Ontario. Took the family to see the Baggies win in Bradford December 03. Considering a Baggies North Halton branch with Mark of Georgetown. Hopefully we stay up this year.

Andrew Hazlewood

Hi - I'm a West Brom fanatic living in North Bay Canada. I go home to watch the Baggies as often as I can, with my 2 daughters. Seems we play well one game then crap the next, sort of same as usual, here's hoping the board give Robson money to bring in new players, especially a forward. Andrew, Shereen and Trishia Hazlewood, apt6-537, Rose Ave, North Bay, Ontario, Canada. Tel: 705 475 1191

tony jakeways

Born and bred in West Brom. Lived for many years in Albion Road, back of the Hawthorns. My wife's dad was head groundsman, so had to be Albion fan forever. We now live in Fergus, Ontario, but follow the Baggies always.

Nick Houghton

Yam Yam and proud!! Live in downtown Vancouver, but manage to get back for 1 or 2 games a year.

I gave Willie me new silk scarf after promotion at Oldham when we got back to West Brom at the Four In Hand, d'ya think he's still got it?