BOING: The WBA Discussion Forum

BOING is the original email forum for talking about anything to do with West Bromwich Albion, and currently has over 1500 members. When you post a message to BOING, it gets sent to all the other members (an archive of old messages is also available on the web if you want to take a trip down Memory Lane).

Members are located all over the world, many go to every home and away game, some go to most games, some got to the odd one or two and others hardly ever get to any because they're stuck too far away - but they're all Albion fans. Since the forum started in about 1995, we have sponsored the kits of several Albion players and had our Web site address and mailing list details printed in every match programme in return, and we've got involved in various fund-raising activities around West Bromwich Albion - most recently, we helped to raise some of the funds for the Astle Gates.

Members of the list are not averse to the odd spot of refreshment before and after matches and sometimes even manage to find each other in one of the various pubs around the grounds, both home and away. Sometimes. For more information and to sign up just click on the link below:

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