Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio...

Well, that's it. The Chairman and Board of Directors have given you the dreaded vote of confidence, so it's out the door for you. Bugger, isn't it, especially as you felt you were just turning the corner. So where to next? You could spend some time with the family, do a bit of scouting, write your memoirs, commentate on Nationwide League action every Sunday or just fade into obscurity like Accrington Stanley. Or, you could go on the merry-go-round of other clubs and football-related organisations...

Which is, basically, a feeble way of tarting up a list of links to other Web pages. And we soon came to the conclusion that trying to put together any sort of comprehensive list of football related web sites - and, worse still, keeping it up to date - is pointless because there are already many others around. Although every time we seem to link to one they disappear again so, frankly, we've given up. The only ones of any use that seems to manage to keep going are SoccerCaffe, which has up to date links to over 11,000 football related web sites as well as a predictions contest and lots of other features, and soccer base, which describes itself, quite accurately, as "The most comprehensive and up-to-date source of British football data on the Internet."

Anyway, what you really want are Albion related links. So here you go:

The official page of West Bromwich Albion FC plc

The Official WBA Supporters Club page

The WBA Disabled Supporters Club page

The WBA Golf Society page

Where are they Now? Information on former Baggies

The Virgin Media page for West Bromwich Albion

The Total Football page for West Bromwich Albion

The Football365 page for West Bromwich Albion

The Sporting Life news page for West Bromwich Albion

The Sky Sports page for West Bromwich Albion

The Teamtalk Web Page for West Bromwich Albion

The Express and Star home page

The Birmingham Evening Mail, Birmingham Post, Sports Argus and Sunday Mercury pages

The FootyMad West Brom Site

Sam Smith's Baggies site

Mat Dumont's WBA Message Board site

Jon Want's WBA Site

John Harris' site - "Johnny Throstle" - featuring a load of pictures

The Norweigan Baggies Home Page (in Norweigan)

Tim Charles' Dutch Baggies Page (in Dutch)

BaggyBoy's WBA Site

Sam Box's Baggies Den

Cai's West Brom Site

Sam Edwards' Site: WBAFC.NET

Kappa Baz's Baggies Page

Danny Bownes' Baggies Page

Martin Jamieson's Baggies Page

Gareth Crwn's Baggies Page

Steve Murray's Baggies Page

Andrew Baylis's Baggies Page

Dean Tipton's Baggies Page

WBA-FC.TK - Steven Fellows' Baggies Page

The Sandwell Borough Council Web Page

The Birmingham City Council Web Page

Follow the exploits of the WBA Womens Football Club on their own website. The girls were Champions of Division One for the 2000-2001 season and have been promoted to the Premier Division of women's teams. Way to go, ladies!!

For copies of old issues of Grorty Dick, the number One Albion fanzine, try ZineScene

Away from home and looking to try and catch up with the action on local TV? has, as the name suggests, a list of bars showing football that you might find useful.

Want a link on here to your site? Sure! All you have to do is grovel, beg, plead or offer cash bribes to the usual place. Large amounts of cash in brown envelopes are ALWAYS accepted, no questions asked. However, please note that for the reasons I mentioned earlier, the only links likely to make it onto this page are those that have some direct relevance to West Bromwich Albion. But send the cash anyway.