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Ah, memories... In the old days you could just publish an email address on your site and let people get in touch by email. Then the junk mailers came along and spotted all those innocently published details and bombarded them with rubbish about longer private parts and dodgy drugs. Well, we're well served in those departments, thanks, so we've replaced the email address with this simple form. If you want to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. All messages will be read, but we can't always guarantee a reply - especially if it's about an obscure ex-player from last century or something that only the Club themselves would know - though we do try to help out where we can. If you're hoping for a reply, please make sure you include a working email address in the appropriate box!

If we had a fiver for every time someone asks what BOINGing is, why we're called the Baggies or other old chestnuts, we'd be sat on a beach somewhere drinking Pina Coladas - but as we haven't, we put the answers to all those on the Questions and Answers Page. And if you want to discuss something related to the Diary, please use the 'Contact the Author' link at the bottom of each article. You can use this form to submit a match report while we work on something better - but it helps us a great deal if you register or log in first and tell us what name you would like the report displayed under (you will need to do this anyway if you want to submit player ratings or enter the predictions contest).

Please Note! We are an Unofficial site. We can't pass on messages to players, managers or directors. We can't arrange a trial with the youth team for you. We can't sort out ticket problems and we can't send you free badges, shirts, programmes, pictures or anything else. And yes, we've been asked all those things in the past...

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