Sacked in the morning - despite surviving relegation

12 May 2014

Albion Head Coach Pepe Mel has been "mutually consented" - less than 24 hours after the end of the season in which he came in, had Shane Long sold immediately from under him, lost Nicolas Anelka to injury, suspension and dismissal, had no time to recruit new players, had none of his coaching staff straight away, faced interference from within the club and a catalogue of injuries but still managed to get enough points to ensure Premiership survival.

The announcement follows a meeting this morning where Mel met with the directors, and it was left to Sporting and Technical Director Richard Garlick to wield the axe.

In a statement on the official site, Garlick is quoted saying

"Although we have managed to achieve a fifth successive season of Premier League football, it has been a very disappointing campaign and lessons have been learned"

Quite how Mel can be held accountable for the fiasco this season has been was not specified, nor was the presence or involvement of the Chairman, Jeremy Peace. Mel's fitness coach, David Gomez, also leaves the club as he was only on contract until the end of the season.

Who next for Albion? Chris Hughton? Malky McKay? Or, God help us, Dave Jones?

I was once on the clubs books, a very long time ago. I bleed blue and white stripes (soon to be all white).
I am at the end of my tether with Peace. The disasters we keep experiencing are all directly or indirectly due to his: cheapness, uninterest, incompetence.
He has no interest in the club or its best interests.
He cannot tell the truth or base any decisions on logic - he was quoted in the press as saying he hasn't had many managers during his tenure, no one contacted him about buying the club, prospective shirt sponsors weren't offering what the space was worth, we are now going to wear our famous white shirts, though he won't communicate this with the fans etc...
We were 4th not that long ago. The time to invest and improve. What did he do? Nothing.
We are headed the way of our neighbours - south fast.
Prices keep rising, kits get changed like underwear, the on field product is dire.
I no longer go week in week out anymore. It's a dreadful experience all round being a lifelong Albion fan.
My beloved club is a national joke because of Peace.

 - Mark Taylor

Worryingly I assume this is because Mel's vision for the club does not match the chairman's.

I think I would have preferred Pepe's vision... I assume now our vision for next season is to finish 17th, and we have the senior pro's to achieve it.

 - Sean Clarke

Mark Taylor is absolutely right. Peace is the big problem with Albion. Perhaps now Mel has been sacked, Peace will admit he got it wrong. I won't hold my breath. He is arrogant and impetuous, he does things just because he can, everything bad in a football chairman.

Time to sack yourself Mr Peace, not fit for purpose and good riddance.

 - Andrew Hill

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