Urine a bad way

14 October 2013

Thermochromic urinals, Batman! No, the Boy Wonder probably never came out with a comment like that, but it's what you'll be siphoning the python into next time you visit the Hawthorns. Assuming you're of the male gender, of course, and you use the East Stand toilets to - um - take the pee.

West Bromwich Albion are supporting the new NHS campaign, Be Clear on Cancer, by installing special heat-activated receptacles for your waste water to remind you that seeing blood coming out instead of just recycled lager and other normal stuff is really not a good thing. It might seem obvious, but according to a survey, far too many people will wait for it to happen again before seeking medical help and that can cause a serious delay in the diagnosis of bladder and kidney cancer.

Blood in your pee is the most common symptom for both types of cancer; other bladder cancer symptoms include needing to pee very often or very suddenly and pain while peeing. Other kidney cancer symptoms include a pain below the ribs that doesn't go away and a lump in your stomach.

So if you're worried, seek help, and if you think someone else needs help then give them a nudge. Gently.

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