West Bromwich Albion 2 - Queens Park Rangers 0

Date: Tuesday 24th October 2023 
Competition: Sky Bet Championship
(3-4-2-1) Palmer 6.3, Kipré 6.9 (Taylor, 86 6.5), Bartley 5.5, Pieters 5.2 (Ávila Gordón, 86 5.6), Furlong 5.1, Chalobah 6.7 (Molumby, 75 5.1), Yokuslu 5.9 (Mowatt, 54 6.5), Phillips 5.8 (Fellows, 75 7.1), Wallace 4.6, Diangana 7.1, Thomas-Asante 5.6
Unused subs: Griffiths, Higgins, Love, Shaw
Manager: Carlos Corberán  5.4
(5-4-1) Begovic, Cannon, Kakay, Dunne, Clarke-Salter (Smyth, 45), Paal, Dozzell (Armstrong, 71), Colback, Field, Chair (Willock, 81), Dykes
Unused subs: Archer, Dixon-Bonner, Larkeche, Kelman, Duke-McKenna, Adomah
Sent off: Dunne (58, 2nd yellow)
Scorers: Thomas-Asante (59 pen), Diangana (68)
Referee: James Bell 6.8
Attendance: 21,749   Home Fans 5.8   Away Fans 4.6
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Brendan Clegg:

Quick comments after a right nightmare getting to the game. All routes were terrible hence the delayed kickoff.

I thought Mowatt was unlucky to miss out but with Semi and Townsend missing everything else looked sensible and the bench looked bare.

I thought the first half was poor. Dull, cautious, narrow, unambitious. Playing in the Corberan straitjacket.

We were in control and QPR were poor but apart from a BTA effort he should’ve got more on it was slim pickings.

There were groans of frustration and grumbles in the crowd. The atmosphere as a result was dead.

I’m not one for booing players but I do think it’s fair for people to moan. Playing 3-4-3 is not in the laws of the game. You do not have to play so defensively in successive home home games against teams with very few points. Injuries and bad owners cannot be controlled but formations and tactics in a game can be.

Anyway - I was glad to see us change in the 2nd half. Whereas Grady had been very central first half almost behind Wallace and BTA with Chalobah drifting left, it looked like Pieters and Furlong played as more orthodox full backs allowing Phillips and Grady to stay high and wide - Grady shifting to right wing.

It was from this shift that, after a few backwards passes between CBs that got ironic cheers, Bartley hit a long angled pass out to Grady which ‘turned’ their fullback and put our winger where we need him… deep in the opposition half running 1v1. A penalty and in the melee a sending off.

BTA walloped home and with the extra space we made it count, with chances and our second goal coming via uncomplicated wing play.

QPR didn’t trouble us after and there was another useful cameo from Fellows as he develops experience for contention to be a starter.

I’ll miss the Cov game due to being in the USA for half term but I hope Kipre’s injury isn’t too bad. Just our luck.

  • Palmer - 6 A spectator but some solid catches and footwork.
  • Kipre - 6 easy night, better passing tonight
  • Bartley - 6 solid again
  • Pieters - 6 better than Saturday but still some sloppy passes
  • Furlong - 6 so-so but also frustrating when passing or crossing
  • Okay - 6 In charge and lots of ball but mainly played safe.
  • Chalobah - 6 Contributed for the second goal and did okay but nothing to shout about.
  • Phillips - 6 Reliable and strong again
  • Diangana - 7 Good touches first half but was so much better after the switch out wide. A threat.
  • BTA - 5 Great pen but limited impact
  • Wallace - 5 Still looks lost in this system
  • Mowatt - 6 Decent job.
  • Fellows - 7 Bright and direct again
  • Molumby - 6 Fine enough.