Introductory letter for Shareholders

A letter from Dr John Evans to new shareholders, introducing the Shareholders Association

The Tom Silk Building
Halfords Lane, West Bromwich
West Midlands B71 4BR

3rd July 1996

On the threshold of a new season I am writing to all of our shareholders. I hope that the information I enclose will be of interest to you all, although I am aware that in many instances pre 1996 shareholders will be aware of much of what I have to report.

By my computation, we must by now have over 1700 shareholders, and with a company that has not paid dividends for years it is perhaps appropriate to mention what benefits they do get.

Shareholders are given priority for 'tight' away match bookings and for home bookings and for high profile games. They do, however, need to give the Ticket Office plenty of warning; a last minute call prefaced with the comment, "I am a shareholder" is clearly unfair and unacceptable!

They also have the opportunity to gain access to the shareholders' bar on matchdays. In order to qualify for this, shareholders should apply as soon as possible for one of the two hundred places available.

The charge for membership is £100 (inc Vat) and £50 (inc Vat) for juniors and senior citizens. There has been no increase this season. Places will be allocated on a strictly 'first come, first served' basis; and inquiries should be made to Diane Aston, at the club. Until we are able to assess the level of demand, we are unable to offer tickets to guests. Subject to availability, shareholders will be able to purchase tickets on a 'one-off' basis at £10 per time (£5 concessions) provided this is done at least twenty-four hours before the game.

You should be advised that only people whose seats are in the Halfords Lane stand are easily able to move from the shareholders' bar to the stadium. Shareholders with seats elsewhere do have to exit the bar back on to the street and go through the appropriate turnstiles, as usual. Naturally. these shareholders are unable to use the facilities at half time.

West Bromwich Albion Football Club also has a thriving shareholders' Association, to which membership is an automatic right, without any fee being charged. Their calendar includes an Annual Dinner Dance, reunions and small low-key social evenings. They endeavour to help the club in any way they can, and the funds they hold are raised through a variety of social events.

The Association Chairman is Don Beddard, 2 Lilac Way, Halesowen, West Midlands, B62 9BH. (Tele: 0121-602-1688). I am sure that he will be willing to assist you with any queries you might have.

I trust that this information is of interest to you. If you have any further queries, other than the Shareholders' Association, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or my secretary, Diane Aston.

Yours sincerely,

Dr John J Evans

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