Paul Thompson's press release prior to the EGM

Paul Tompson issues a final plea for shareholders to back his call for change

A Chance to Play in the Premier League

The vote on July 8th is not about Tony Hale. The vote is about the future of our Club and about creating the chance to play in the Premier League. If any shareholder puts loyalty to Mr. Hale ahead of loyalty to West Bromwich Albion, the current opportunity to improve our Club may be lost.

Over the past five years our league positions have been disappointing (between 10th and 19th), money has been wasted and opportunities have been missed. If you are happy with the last five years you should vote for Mr. Hale. If not, you should vote for a new Chairman. If you believe that Mr. Hale has the leadership skills and business experience to lead the Club into the Premier League you should vote for Mr. Hale. If not, you should vote for a new Chairman.

We now need a new three year plan to dramatically improve the Club and to allow us to make a serious challenge for the Premier League. The plan needs input from shareholders and supporters to ensure that everyone connected with the Club understands the plan and supports the plan to the best of their ability.

We need to aim to initially raise together around £10 million to strengthen the team, develop the training ground, improve our marketing strategy and redevelop the Rainbow Stand. I believe that if all those who love the Club work together and the Club has the right leadership we can achieve our hopes and objectives and give ourselves a real chance of reaching the Premier League.

I have already invested £2 million in our Club and I am prepared to invest more of my own money in the Club to help realise a successful and prosperous future for West Bromwich Albion. I am fully committed to West Bromwich Albion and if you wish me to lead the Club as Chairman I am determined to work with you all to achieve the success which shareholders and supporters deserve.

I would like to thank all the many shareholders and supporters who have asked me to offer myself as Chairman and who have given me the encouragement to try to move the Club forward and to restore the pride and hope in our great Club. Our Club may not be the biggest Club but we want it to be the best.

Shareholders have given Mr. Hale ample time, but he has failed to deliver the success which we all want. You have given Mr. Hale five years as Chairman. I am now asking for your support to allow me to lead the Club as Chairman for three years to try to put the Club on the road to success.

This will be a historic vote and the responsibility on shareholders' shoulders is great. I hope you will make the right decision for our Club.


5 July 1999

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