Barry Hurst's letter to Shareholders

Barry Hurst says that Paul Thompson should fill the void if Tony Hale is removed by the EGM vote

Barry Hurst
James E Smith (Timber) Limited
Park Road
B18 5JA

11 June 1999

Dear Shareholder

West Bromwich Albion plc - Extraordinary General Meeting 8 July 1999

The Club has now arranged for an extraordinary general meeting of Shareholders to be held at the Gala Baths, West Bromwich on Thursday 8 July 1999 to decide whether Shareholders wish Mr Hale to continue as Chairman or not.

It became very clear at the informal meetings held at the West Bromwich Moat House on Monday 7 June and Tuesday 8 June that the majority of the 422 shareholders who attended those meetings supported the call for a change of leadership. Many shareholders appreciated the opportunity to debate the issues affecting their club and voice their opinions and genuine disappointment, in some cases embarrassment, at the club's continuing declining status and the lack of any plan to bring about its revival.

Whilst strongly supporting the call for change, several members were anxious that in the event of Mr Hale's removal from the the Board the remaining three directors should act swiftly to appoint a strong Chairman to immediately begin rebuilding the club.

I would like therefore to provide shareholders with this opportunity to say who they would like to nominate as their choice as Chairman for the next three years and ask that they do so by completing the attached form and returning it to me.

Clive Stapleton and I have worked with Paul Thompson for the last three years. In that time we have been greatly impressed by his integrity, his energy, his enthusiasm, his positive approach to problems and his considerable ability to encourage those around him to attain better and better standards.

Paul Thompson is Chairman of Sanderson Group Plc, a very successful public company which is quoted on the London Stock Exchange. He started Sanderson in February 1983 with six people and has built it during 16 years of continuous growth to over £100 million turnover, to over 1000 employees on four continents and to a market value of £85 million.

We intend to vote for a change of leadership on 8 July and strongly recommend fellow shareholders to do the same. Our choice for Chairman is Paul Thompson.

Yours sincerely


Attached to the bottom of the letter is a form ready printed with name, address and details of your shareholding. A space is provided for you to write your choice of Chairman and another for your signature. The form is to be returned to Barry Hurst at the same address as given at the top of the letter ]

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