Welcome to the world of West Bromwich Albion

"Well mate, welcome to the world of being a West Brom fan"

This one sentence that was said to me, after the match, summed up the disappointment and excitement that was my first Baggies game. I mean I don?t even know what I expected of the game when I first got the tickets through the door. Did I expect an easy ride, and against Charlton too? Well no I didn?t expect that much but what I did think would happen was that it would be a great performance for all the fans for all of the match. Not just 20 minutes, not just half the match but for all of it, because that?s what it?s all about isn?t it?

When you go to a match - especially your first match - you want to be entertained, watch good football and be on the edge of your seat because you?re so excited. You go to watch football, and if you go to support a team you go to support them and watch the players work their socks off for everyone involved while you sing your heart out for them in return. Now the first half of the match it wasn?t like that. Hardly anyone on the pitch seemed to be doing anything to get the game going. I?m not going to start complaining about team selection and Robsons tactics for the simple reason that I?ve only been to one match and I?ve got no right to anyway - I?ve only been a baggie for a year and a few months.

Now the fans that have been going the match for years maybe even most of their lives, they?ve got something to shout about. They pay their well-earned money to go to these games every week and what do they get in return? Defeated for three home games on the run, that?s what. First Birmingham, then Wigan and now Charlton. Now Albion, you can do better I know you can. Do it for these loyal fans that never miss a game and have supported you through, well, everything. One thing I believe in though is sticking together - if we can all stick together and I know you?ll probably shoot me for saying this but, if we do try to have faith in Robson and the players he chooses, and keep doing our bit as supporters like we have been doing then maybe, just maybe, it will all work out.

As for if I enjoyed the day, bar the result it was probably one of the best days of my life. It was so great there?s no words that can describe how good it was. The best part had to be when I first walked into the stadium and out by the pitch waiting for the players to come out. Then there was the players coming out, watching them train and small Dave scoring, now that was the best feeling ever. When he scored that goal I was boinging like mad. At that very moment I didn?t care about the result - I didn?t care about the outcome of the match I was so happy. I don?t think anything can ever beat that feeling. Seeing your one and only true team score when you?re at your first match tops everything and nothing can happen that will ever take that away.

That day will be with me forever and especially that moment. What a day, nothing can describe it. As my Birmingham City mad mate said though it was just a ?welcome into the world of being a West Brom fan?.

 - Sarah

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