West Bromwich Albion Supporters Club
Scandinavian Branch

Would you like to. . .

  • . . . get in touch with fellow Albion supporters in Scandinavia?
  • . . . read the award winning Scandinavian fanzine 'The Albion'?
  • . . . go to the Hawthorns?
  • . . . watch the Albion on video?

So, why don't you join the Scandinavian Supporters Club? For an annual fee of just 100 NOK (ca 100 SEK, 100 DKR) you'll become a member and get 'The Albion' (which was awarded the Prize of Honour 1997/98 by 'Supporterunionen för Brittisk fotboll' in their annual survey of Scandinavian Supporter Club Fanzines) 4 times a year, with articles, match reports, interviews etc.

Furthermore we have a vast range of videos available for our members and once a year a trip to the Hawthorns is arranged.

For further information, please contact:

Denmark: Norway: Sweden:
Michael Mörch
Holmevej 7
DK-4000 Roskilde
Olav Annaniassen
P.B. 52
N-5307 Ask

Olle Johnsson
Gubbängsvägen 96, 3 tr
S-122 45 Enskede