Everton 1 - West Bromwich Albion 1

Date: Saturday 20th January 2018 
Competition: Barclays Premier League
Foster 7.1, Dawson 7.4, Hegazi 6.3, Evans 6.9 (McAuley, 80 6.3), Gibbs 6.6, Phillips 6.6, Barry 6.6, Krychowiak 7.9, Brunt 6.3 (Livermore, 79 4.8), Rondón 8.6, Rodriguez 7.4 (McClean, 79 5.8)
Unused subs: Myhill, Nyom, Robson-Kanu, Field
Manager: Alan Pardew 7.1
Scorers: Rodriguez (7)
Referee: Stuart Attwell (Warwickshire) 7.0
Attendance: 39,061   Home Fans 5.3   Away Fans 7.9

Steve Fereday:

Sorry Albion players, but that performance is unacceptable. I am angry, not only because I had money on at 3/1 for an away win, but the way we went about it.

No particular order.

I lost signal on laptop just as their goal went in. Will there be a day in my life where I will be able to watch a Saturday game live, other than sitting in a shit hole bar in the Middle East?

Everton were there for the taking. They hadn't had a shot on target for 3 years and we let 'em run it in the second half.

Polish bloke - get rid. That was a sitter in the first few minutes. When the ball hits the bloke on the 'ed in row Z its Lez Zowenski, or whatever his bloody name is. I don't want to hear feedback about that pass for the goal with the outside of his bloody foot. Outside that he did absolutely jack shit that was worth anything.

Rondon - you are not fit and will never be fit to lace Cyrille Regis' boots son. You are a disgrace, and worse, you are a wuss. The way you you behaved after that contact with that Everton defender was ridiculous. In fact had you had more gas, you would have scored, but you don't have gas, so you kicked his standing leg instead of the ball. Speed man, speed man. This is the Premier League man. Pedestrian.

We could have had Pele, Messi, Ronaldo, Laurie Cunningham up there, but would all be to no avail as we have absolutely nobody capable of driving forward from midfield and making a telling pass. Alan, please tell the owner to spend a bit for the middle of the pitch.

That McCarthy bloke was kicking us all game by the way and the ref gave us nothing. The BBC are saying the game was overshadowed by his injury and Rondon was man of the match. You can't make this up. I am absolutely livid. I have arthritis and I could mark Rondon out of a game by giving him plenty chirp and loads of clips.

For hard Mr Rondon, I remember one particular challenge from Graham Roberts many, many years ago, standing in the Brummie Road end v some Brentford nark centre forward who had been putting it about all game. Have a look at that on youtube son. Then again perhaps not as you would probs need your teddy and soft blanket.

Dave Mackay must have grandchildren that can kick a ball. John Kaye anyone??

Brendan Clegg:

I'm absolutely gutted that we didn't win this game.

We controlled the game for long periods, looked a threat every time we went forward but paid a heavy price for one lapse in concentration.

I thought the starting lineup was fair enough and I was please to see Field on the bench. We look so much better balanced with 2 wingers and without the 3rd holding midfielder.

We started really well and Greg should have scored with our first chance, but we followed up with possibly our best goal from open play in months.

Rondon did fantastically on the halfway line, holding the ball before laying it off to Greg who hit our best pass this season with his outside foot. JRod ran on to the pass and his first touch off his chest was so good that it he had the ball out of his feet perfectly to stroke home.

Our opening twenty minutes were as good as anything we've played in about 4 years and we continued that way for until the break.

In the second half we started slowly sat deeper seemingly without any way of getting out but without looking in serious trouble.

Everton looked toothless and I thought we'd keep a clean sheet but from a nothing ball Gibbs wasn't close enough to Walcott who nodded back for Niasse to prod home in front of Hegazi.

Rather than hold on for the last 20 minutes we really took the initiative of the match for the final 20 and Rondon in particular absolutely ran Everton ragged but we couldn't find a second goal due to decision making in the final 3rd, a lack of quality and the width of the bar.

Generally I thought we were excellent. We've never played like a team in the bottom 3 since the regime change but I do worry that you have to convert performances like this into wins. If only we'd shown the same ambition and attacking intent away at Brighton and Huddersfield, such are the margins in the division. One or two results could decide our fate.

I don't think there is much more we can do other than to keep going - the side benefits from continuity of selection that we haven't had for most of the season. Having watched Everton's 50 odd million of new signings I remain sceptical that there is anyone out there we could actually get that would be better than what we have or Chadli/Morrison who are due to return in 4 weeks.

  • Foster - 6 Didn't have a lot to do, no chance for the goal.
  • Daws - 7 Another great game. What a warrior.
  • Hegazi - 7 Was so good apart form the goal.
  • Evans - 7 Classy again, got us playing from the back.
  • Gibbs - 7 Fantastic but vulnerable to another cross for the goal. Otherwise was really good.
  • Phillips - 7 Confident to take his man on and gives us so much.
  • Barry - 7 I thought he bossed it again - really wanted to show that he was better than those signed by Everton to replace him.
  • Greg - 7 Probably the best he's played for us. All aspects of his game were good and looked a bit fitter. Loves a dive/roll around though.
  • Brunt - 7 Brings that quality and holds the ball so well. Lost it a couple of times with gamble passes but assured generally.
  • JRod - 7 Ran all day and took his goal superbly. Partnership looked better with Rondon.
  • Rondon - 7 Absolutely dominated the Everton back line. He's a couple of years in this league now and if he adds goals to this type of performance he'd be snapped up pronto. So unlucky with the shot off the bar, he harried, fought and stretched Everton all game. I thought his reaction to the injury summed him up. An honest nice guy - possibly too nice.
  • GMac - 6 Headed everything away.
  • McClean - 6 Did his best, got some crosses in.
  • Livermore - 6 Solid enough.

Stuart Russell:

I think Steve Fereday must be embittered for some reason.I felt that our Pole is now making his presence felt. And of course we're going to mention his pass for the goal- probably, as Brendon said, our best open play goal for years. Rondon was immense and is looking so much better since Pulis left and he has midfielders supporting his hold up play. We know he isn't as good as Cyrille - only two number players who have filled the Number 9 shirt are - Ronnie Allen and Jeff Astle. And I think to call him a wuss because he showed emotion at a fellow professional's double fracture of a leg speaks volumes for his humanity and sense of perspective - and also speaks volumes about the person who so described him.

In the next two games we face the two best attacks in the league in Liverpool and Man City. We've already held the free-scoring Merseysiders at their place. Can we do it again?

I haven't posted on here for awhile but was so disgusted with Stever Fereday's post I had to say something.

Jenny Hall:

Thank you Stuart Russell for your post. I too thought the comments by Steve Fereday were appalling and uncalled for. Rondon had his best game for ages. Greg showed us what he can do and the whole team seem to have more spirit and desire about them that we have seen all season. And to criticise Rondon for being visibly upset when even from the little footage shown it was totally obvious that the player had both leg bones shattered, beggars belief.


I think that shithole bar in the Middle East (quite possibly in one of President Trumps shithole countries) had served a little too much 'holy water' to Steve Fereday before he watched the game. Rondon not only had a very fine game, but as Stuart Russell said, showed great compassion when breaking a fellow professionals leg. He was inches away from being a last minute hero with a great shot.

No matter who we manage to bring in in the window, it is unlikely we will find anyone of Rondon's calibre. As fans we can be upset with our situation, but to attack a player who worked so hard for the team is ridiculous.