West Bromwich Albion 0 - Coventry City 0

Date: Saturday 23rd April 2022 
Competition: Sky Bet Championship
(3-4-1-2 ) Button 5.8, Ajayi 4.5, O'Shea 4.7, Clarke 5.9, Reach 3.6, Livermore 4.5, Molumby 4.4 (Diangana, 79 3.9), Townsend 4.4 (Robinson, 92 3.4), Gardner-Hickman 4.9 (Phillips, 72 3.9), Grant 2.7, Carroll 6.5
Unused subs: Palmer, Bartley, Kipré, Taylor
Manager: Steve Bruce 2.8
Referee: Steve Martin 3.9
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Brendan Clegg:

Another very disappointing game for us against a Coventry side who's position above us in the table really demonstrated how poor the division is and what an absolute embarrassment it is for all concerned at the club for us to not even be in the playoffs with our squad and resources.

And as for Bruce - the ambition shown in playing 3 centre backs and two defensive centre midfielders AGAIN, and having 3 centre backs on the bench (WHY?) and playing Adam Reach at right wing back… you have to ask once more what did he expect? Is Gourlay watching this crap? It’s unacceptable to hide behind what he inherited in form and players... his record is abysmal, he’s had enough time to turn it around, still has enough quality and options but he has been an abject failure. We still have no plan or identify and his in-game management is conservative and predictable.

I’d say for most of the game we were on top. Mulumby and TGH can certainly run and Livermore dominated the centre.

But in the system we play we rely on Ajayi and Clarke to overlap from defence and whilst they give it a good go they are not wingers and cannot cross.

Coventry were well coached and played like a team, passing and moving quickly but when we got close to them their quality failed. They did however finish attacks with attempts and never went backwards once they got in our half.

A nothing first half might have gone our way but for Grant blowing the chance of the half when put through - instead of drilling the ball home he tried a flick over the keeper and barely made contact.

Second half was the same although we had a couple of other attempts at goal. The subs either made little sense personnel wise (TGH) or timing wise (Grady and Robbo).

Reach was moved around the pitch in order to remain on it and the back 3 was never adjusted. I felt the 3-4-1-2 we went to left us horribly narrow and lacking options and better teams would’ve punished us.

At the death we nearly stole it undeservedly but casual Grant had his penalty saved and that was it. Bruce spoke again about the rebuild and freshness needed but a good coach would’ve got more out of this team. It’s all a bit pathetic.

  • Button - 6 Routine saves and I like how he kicks it straight to Carroll and not out wide/into touch.
  • Ajayi - 6 At times physically immense and then clumsy/careless.
  • O’Shea - 6 Did okay but not dominant
  • Clarke - 6 Another decent game, just lacking options.
  • Reach - 4 Struggled, his first couple of set plays were awful but they improved. Not his fault but is a real Bruce blind spot.
  • TGH - 5 Not at his best but at least moved it quickly. Looked a bit weak but gives us energy.
  • Livermore- 7 I thought he was the best player on the pitch for spells. Dribbling and using the ball well.
  • Mulumby - 6 Gets around the pitch and is a good fetch-carry-mop-up player but he needs someone to give it to.
  • Townsend- 6 Solid enough game after an erratic period but didn’t get forward much.
  • Carroll - 6 Battled away but no wingers and a left footed at right wing back meant no supply. Can’t press so others have to do his running.
  • Grant - 2 Honestly if there was one player I could offload despite his goals it would be old trampoline feet. He’s the full Dunning-Kruger… an albatross for any side he plays for but we need to see beyond those goals and realise that it’s like playing with 10 men.
  • Phillips- 5 feeling his way back
  • Diagana - 6 played behind the front 2 but there was one moment where he got the ball out on the left, beat 3 players in a small area and crossed it. Ah... memories. Reckon we can try him there for 90 minutes.
  • Robinson- 6 Won a penalty is his 4 minutes.

I honestly don’t know if I’ll renew with Bruce in charge… so so sad.