Sheffield United 2 - West Bromwich Albion 0

Date: Wednesday 9th February 2022 Live on Sky Red Button
Competition: Sky Bet Championship
Sheff U:
(3-4-2-1) Foderingham, Basham, Egan, Robinson, Bogle, Norwood, Hourihane, Baldock, Ndiaye (Gibbs-White, 69), McGoldrick (McBurnie, 69), Sharp (Berge, 94)
Unused subs: Davies, Fleck, Goode, Norrington-Davies
(4-2-3-1) Johnstone 7.1, Furlong 3.5 (O'Shea, 86 5.5), Ajayi 4.2, Clarke 4.3, Townsend 4.5, Livermore 2.0, Mowatt 3.3 (Robinson, 78 4.7), Diangana 3.6 (Molumby, 46 3.8), Reach 3.5, Grant 4.2, Carroll 5.2
Unused subs: Button, Kipré, Tulloch, Gardner-Hickman
Sent off: Livermore (39, Serious foul play)
Manager: Steve Bruce 4.3
Scorers: Sharp (22, 80)
Referee: Leigh Doughty 4.1
Attendance: 26,541   Home Fans 5.0   Away Fans 6.1
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Brendan Clegg:

Another very disappointing defeat.

No sympathy for Ismael from me - I think the decision was made at least 2 months too late and whilst Steve Bruce wouldn’t have been my first choice he’s got a good record at this level and was as good as any available candidate out there with no compensation required. Again our delay in getting rid of Ismael sooner cost us there but the noises from Gourlay and Bruce at least recognise some fundamental issues.

Because of this I was looking forward to the game and there were signs of promise with the back 4 although the inclusion of Reach concerned me.

I thought we were the better team in our 4-3-3 before their sloppy opener. We were on the front foot and creating things. Even after the goal we were okay, improved in recent weeks and the signs were encouraging but Grady missed a sitter at a crucial time… taking way too long to bury a chance when clean through with loads of time.

Utd then came back into it and we lost control- first Mowatt got a yellow for a scissor tackle that could’ve been worse before Livermore got in on the action with a stupid and reckless foul. A harsh red? Probably but a moronic tackle in a moronic position at a moronic time. It ended the contest for us.

HT saw Grady make way - a bit odd as he is at least creative and we were losing - and Molumby came on.

We did okay all things considered, tried to pass it but created little and had SJ to thank for staying in the game as long as we did.

As we tired and pushed, Utd showed us how to pass and move and their running off the ball led to a well taken 2nd.

Bruce will have a better idea about the job now and will hopefully find greater balance in the system for the next game. We need a result desperately and there is a lot of damage to repair.

  • SJ - 8 kept us in it.
  • Furlong - 5 Exposed by the system.
  • Ajayi - 5 Rusty as you would expect.
  • Clarke - 5 needs to learn to stop diving in, especially in a 2, too over committed.
  • Townsend - 5 final ball and crosses have really dipped in the last 10 games.
  • Livermore - 3 Hasn’t got the legs to play in a 3 and too stupid to forgive.
  • Mowatt - 4 I’ve given up on him. What does he do? Short game is really bad.
  • Reach - 5 Tried to pass it and keep it but he’s a league 1 player quality-wise.
  • Grady - 4 The only way back for him is to play on the left. It’s so obvious.
  • Carroll - 5 Lots of effort but slow, gives away fouls, takes on ridiculous shots and inverted wingers don’t cross the ball. I’d probably bench him as an impact sub.
  • Grant - 4 We’ve got to move him. Offers nothing and is abject at anything other than shooting and running. Try him somewhere else please… it’s killing us.

The subs were barely noticeable.

Northants Baggie:

I'm afraid it has become too much like Last of the Summer Wine and Corrie at the Albion. The Hawthorns has now become a rest home for old managers who are way past it. Yet another defeat for Steve Bruce in a long line of defeats. Why can't we give young coaches with fresh legs and new ideas a chance. Other clubs do it successfully. At boardroom level we are devoid of creativity - just like the team.

The loyal fans deserve more than this.