Blackpool 0 - West Bromwich Albion 0

Date: Tuesday 23rd November 2021 Live on Sky Red Button
Competition: Sky Bet Championship
(4-4-2) Grimshaw, Lawrence-Gabriel, Ekpiteta, Husband, James, Bowler (Dale, 66), Wintle, Dougall, Anderson, Madine, Lavery (Hamilton, 66)
Unused subs: Moore, Connolly, Yates, Grétarsson, Sterling
(3-4-2-1) Johnstone 6.9, Kipré 4.5, Bartley 4.6, Clarke 6.0, Furlong 3.7, Mowatt 5.7, Molumby 5.0, Townsend 7.3, Diangana 3.5 (Robinson, 60 4.9), Grant 4.0, Phillips 4.6 (Hugill, 61 3.4)
Unused subs: Button, Ajayi, Reach, Gardner-Hickman, Fellows
Manager: Valérien Ismaël  3.6
Referee: Jarred Gillett 5.6
Attendance: 11,517   Home Fans 4.3   Away Fans 8.3
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Ancient Baggie:

That was a horrible game of football, the quality on show was local park level. I'm not sure what we're doing in training but it obviously doesn't involve a football because we can't pass it more than three times without losing possession and when it comes to shooting we couldn't hit water if we fell out of a boat.

If football was all about running then Mo Farah would be worth millions but it's obviously not. We are completely one dimensional and not even very good at that. I never want to see anyone lose their job but if things don't change then we will struggle to make playoffs and this is a very very weak Championship.

Brendan Clegg:

Another disappointing result on our travels following a performance that had a bit more energy but was once again lacking in quality, ideas or a plan b.

Although we dominated for large spells we were never in control of the game and it could also easily have been another loss but for a brilliant SJ double save and some careless Blackpool finishing.

We had plenty of chances and should have scored through the amount we created - perhaps with a proper forward we would have.

I can’t get beyond the usual frustrations though. The fixed 3-4-3, the pre-scheduled 60 minute subs no matter what’s happening. The jeopardy. The high line with our quickest centre back on the bench. Grant being the immovable object on the left.

Another poor return from a manager who continues to be predictable, rigid, stubborn and arrogant.

  • SJ - 7 Saves kept us in it.
  • Bartley - 6 never comfortable as we conceded big chances
  • Clarke - 6 as above but some good powerful defending shown
  • Kipre - 6 Never fills you with confidence and could easily have been sent off, even for that ‘dive’
  • Townsend - 7 plenty of running and crosses
  • Mulumby - 6 Great energy but some sloppy play
  • Mowatt - 6 strong game but tired badly.
  • Furlong - 5 quality was lacking
  • Grant - 5 missed some big chances
  • Phillips - 5 was well marshalled
  • Grady - 5 a sort of threat but quality really let him down
  • Robinson - 6 tried to link our play up
  • Hugill - 4 Worked hard but totally out of his depth.

It’s not going to change even though we desperately need it to. I have little confidence for Friday.


These are the facts. In our last championship season we had 42 points after 19 games against a current 33.

Our average points to date would give a season total of 79 but if we take the lsst 6 six games which have resulted in 8 points and average that out over the remaining 27 games we would accumulate 69 points and may even miss the playoffs.

I have supported the club for 65 years and have to confess that this is one of the worst squads if not the worst for technical ability.

I do not often get angry about my team but recent developments have been beyond the pale.

I do not blame the players entirely or even the manager but as long as we are run by owners totally devoid of any football brain or experience of Championship football added to a reluctance to invest in our future the only result is oblivion.

So mant players have come and gone, Gayle, Barnes, Gallaher, who have provided a false security. What encouragement is given to the youngsters when they see the shambles before them. No wonder they want to play for the Villa.

The powers will be cannot afford to sack Ishmael but personally until there is a change then visiting the Hawthorns becomes a trial and not a pleasure.


I am currently organising a crowd funding initiative to try to buy a goal for this once famous and much loved club which has fallen on hard times. We have an absentee owner who trousers every bit of money coming into the club and a continuing policy of buying down to a price when it comes to managers. We rescued Big Sam from two years of shelf stacking at Tesco and now we have an appalling third rate Frenchman who just does not understand the way the Albion used to play and should play. His hoof it upfield and run after it tactic (he has no other) is banal. It is the way we used to play at Primary school.

Get rid of him - and now! He has no place at The Hawthorns. If we cannot bring quality into the club, let us please try to instil some dignity.