West Bromwich Albion 3 - Bristol City 0

Date: Saturday 23rd October 2021 
Competition: Sky Bet Championship
(3-4-3) Johnstone 6.9, Ajayi 6.6, Bartley 6.5, Clarke 7.1 (Bryan, 82 5.7), Furlong 6.5, Molumby 7.3, Snodgrass 7.4, Townsend 7.2 (Reach, 85 5.7), Phillips 6.6 (Robinson, 61 6.1), Hugill 6.4, Grant 6.6 (Diangana, 63 6.2)
Unused subs: Button, Kipré, Gardner-Hickman
Manager: Valérien Ismaël  6.9
Bristol C:
(3-1-4-2) Bentley, Kalas, Atkinson, Baker (Pring, 23), James, Tanner (Simpson, 34), Weimann, Massengo (Bakinson, 87), Dasilva (O'Dowda, 64), Martin, Wells
Unused subs: O'Leary, Bell, Scott
Scorers: Grant (52), Hugill (7), Bartley (7)
Referee: Josh Smith 5.9
Attendance: 23,845   Home Fans 7.4   Away Fans 5.9
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Brendan Clegg:

Well that was a very pleasant surprise and I’ll hold my hands up - I didn’t see it coming.

It was probably our best performance of the season and maybe since Chelsea away last season, and I didn’t expect it when I saw our starting lineup.

Whilst there is justifiable credit being dished out to the personnel, the reason we were so much better was the deliberate tactics.

We had all the good parts of Val ball in aggressively pressing but we were patient when we had it, every single player including the keeper looked to pass when in possession. Even Matt Clarke, who is a proper old fashioned whacker, was doing everything he could to retain possession.

Our wide players stayed wide, giving us a way to play through the opposition team. We looked formidable as a result.

The key thing was patience. For the first time this season we knocked it about across the back or in midfield until an opening was worked and then we attacked aggressively. It caught Bristol totally off guard.

Our first goal was a brilliant move, sharp passing and then a brilliant ball to get Furlong away and he set up Hugill for a sitter.

It should’ve been 3 or 4 by half time for Hugill alone - he couldn’t convert an almost identical move from the left through being not quite quick enough, put a great chance over the bar, missed a 1v1 and also didn’t have the pace to run to goal when played in behind 40 yards out. Thankfully we still had the long throw threat and Bartley got a second.

Despite the various interruptions and delays we stuck at the approach all the way through the game, even when the subs came on after Grant had confidently finished a 3rd after a terribly short back pass.

In continuing to keep the ball on the floor it made Diagana look like the player we know he is and he set up Hugill for another chance he should’ve finished - this time a heavy touch took him wide but then he dinked it over the keeper well enough but it was cleared off the line. One piece of control from Grady with the back of his heel was outrageous, and both he and Robinson pulled Bristol all over the place as we- wait for it- retained possession and largely controlled the game to a close.

I think it was the 72nd minute before SJ went long with a kick. What a contrast to Swansea and most of the season. I really do think this is the way forward for us and I hope we use this as the model moving forward. Everyone will accept us being more direct if we’re having an off day, in poor conditions or the way the game is going justifies it. It just shouldn’t be our default and despite who poor Bristol were, we proved here that we can do it and do it well.

  • SJ - 7 Went from conceding possession with every kick last game to sensibly selecting passes or throws out.
  • Ajayi - 7 Striding out with the ball once he had space and finding the next pass - he did it all game really well.
  • Bartley- 7 Good header and set the tone by refusing to go long and always looked left, right or just inside.
  • Clarke - 6 Solid and you could see him playing the ball against his natural instinct. Did well.
  • Furlong- 7 We know he’s great in the air but he’s a footballer! A constant threat and 2 assists.
  • Molumby- 8 My pick of the day for his energy, reading of situations and his sensible use of the ball. Dominated the centre.
  • Snodgrass- 7 I feared for his legs going into it as a Val baller he is not, but after taking a while to pick it up his assured and calm passing kept it for us or set us away. If we play to keep the ball, he’s a great option.
  • Townsend- 7 multiple raids and crosses
  • Phillips- 7 Another who looked far better, good running and power.
  • Hugill- 6 Got the goal and into great opportunities. Imagine how many a Gayle or Phillips would’ve scored today? Kept working.
  • Grant - 6 Keeps sticking it in the net and did okay but not many other contributions of note. Could play him through the middle if we play like this.
  • Robbo & Grady - 7s here. They could both do real damage in this style.
  • Other subs did okay too.

Final thought - it’s rare to see a fan taken ill at a game. It’s surely not a coincidence to have 2 in a game when COVID levels are so high? Are things getting so out of control already that restrictions will have to come back for football and wider society? This was perhaps a stark reminder of a long winter ahead.

Pete Cottrell:

One of the most one-sided games I've seen in a long time (possibly since we lost 6-0 at home to Liverpool in 2003), but the most telling sentence in Brendan's report is "Imagine how many a Gayle or Phillips would've scored today".

23 attempts and 3 goals is a mediocre return at best and if we are to overtake Bournemouth and Fulham for an automatic promotion place we need to find a proper striker.


The Grant goal v Bristol City was the finest WBA goal I can recall with the magnificent crossfield passes and movement. Seen on EFL Quest 10.00am Sunday.

Mustn't get carried away though!!